Anaesthetic Trivia - Curare

Chondrodendrum tomentosumCurare is a compound used for dart poisons by tribes in South America. It is derived from vines such as, Chondrodendron tomentosum and Strychnos toxifera. The first non-depolarising muscle blocking agent, d-Tubocurarine, was identified in 1935 by Harold King. It was found in curare that had been packed in hollow tubes.

Applications are invited from ST 6 trainees from Sheffield School of Anaesthesia, who have completed Paediatric Anaesthesia intermediate and higher training, for a 6 month Advanced Paediatric Anaesthesia Trainee post, based at Sheffield Children's Hospital (SCH), This post allows the successful candidate to consolidate and further extend their paediatric anaesthesia…
Again... core reading for ARCP success. The curriculum is supplied by the RCoA and has been brought to our attention by our Programme Director.  Click on title and download attachment.
Guidance from the Sheffield School of Anaesthesia on Novice Curriculum 2010 Looks like a must read for all new starting anaesthetic SHO's and your clinical and educational supervisors. Click on the title to download attachment.
ARCPs are coming up again!!! We have an ARCP checklist made available to us by Dr Dods and the college tutors. Read more for Deanery feedback advice. Click on attacment for ARCP checklist.